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Alchemy Partners and the polygon (MATIC) to improve network capabilities

In a decentralized application to equip bid (Dapp) developers with the tools necessary for maximum production, ethereal blockchain developer announced that Alchemy’s network platform, in partnership with Polygon to enhance competition.

Alchemy Integrates Polygon

And it was a firm announcement today, saying that the move forts supercharge the development of polygons and the ethereal network.

Furthermore, the society will provide the necessary tools to Dapp developers, enabling them to launch relevant products and services related blockchain in the near future.

Based on the partnership, the highest building in the ethereal Dapp applications developers can now enjoy the many exciting features of the Polygon and Alchemy, including high-speed, low-cost transactions, maximum security, developer tools and high-fidelity.

Alchemy noted that the development would bring about great care to exclude-related applications such as Aave, SushiSwap the curve.

Polygon major philosophical records Feats

There is, however, one must note, that whosoever, whether firms are to the memory of these words mean that all things are become launched.

Alchemy, which is poised to enhancing a global payment industry, has $ 22 billion in transactions globally powered and more committed to increasing the number of users.

Last month, the firm noted that it is supporting a pair of ethereal solutions for scaling the solution Optimism mainnet lorem.

The best part of the interpretation, as stated, and address the major challenges of the ethereal network, such as high-speed gas done late fees that many developers seem to opt for competitive networks.

An increase incentive to outline a polygon

The polygon, which focuses on solutions in the ethereal scaling, with whom, in a great adoptions of by my venerable predecessor of Our. So far, scaling to a full solution, formerly known as Matic, has processed more than 380 million, 1.7 million transactions on a bag of speech.

While impressive Polygon can be considered old and stands on the project is that it has made significant moves as a favorite platform should be endowed users.

Last month, it was announced that Polygon partnering with $ 10 million to raise 0x For exclude from the sector. According to the partners, in order to help developers money to fund care plans to take at least one million users in choosing Polygon and ethereal blockchain.

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