Binance Announces Partnership With Cryptoniverse To Provide Users With Real-Time Mining Data
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Binance Announces Partnership With Cryptoniverse To Provide Users With Real-Time Mining Data

CryptoUniverse, one of the leaders in the cloud mining industry, announced a partnership with Binance to roll out a new mining program. The new mining program allows users to join together to acquire collective mining contracts and distribute rewards.

Launched in 2017, CryptoUniverse has long been a mainstay of the global cloud mining scene. The mining center that houses the project is located in the Republic of Karelia in northern Russia, where it has access to large reserves of cheap energy. The facility is powered by over 41,000 top-notch miners, with the power available to users looking to take advantage of low entry fees and high rewards.

Thanks to the ideal location and setup, CryptoUniverse has managed to create a loyal user base of many who consider mining with the platform to be preferable to more traditional mining attempts. Given the high electricity tariffs in most countries around the world and the exorbitant prices for new mining equipment, mining participation may seem like a bleak prospect. Because of these issues, CryptoUniverse has been able to find a significant niche among mining enthusiasts looking to try cloud mining.

In addition to the standard services CryptoUniverse provides its users, including the rental and purchase of miners, the platform has just announced a new Collective mining contract service and is partnering with Binance to ensure the highest level of transparency for members.

The new collective mining service gives users the ability to connect and work with their friends and other CryptoUniverse users. The miners who team up together buy a certain amount of hashrate, which is supported by CryptoUniverse specialists. The acquired mining power gives rewards every day, which are then distributed among all members of the mining pool in proportion to the individual volumes of the purchased hash.

The contracts are offered on a perpetual basis, which means that once purchased, they will remain in effect until the hardware stops working or mining is no longer profitable. However, these contracts can be resold, so users can sell them to other miners whenever they want.

Binance participates in the program through its Binance Pool platform. All collective mining contracts are backed by hardware running in the Binance pool, and all daily mining rewards are calculated and distributed among the Binance pool. In addition, CryptoUniverse’s mining capacity is independently verified and verified by Binance, and users can track the performance of their hardware and see what their daily profit counts look like on the Binance Pool website through the watcher links that Binance Pool generates.

Since the collective mining program offers users rewards based on total mining power, there is less risk than if they were working alone with one of the individual cloud mining programs. This release from CryptoUniverse comes amid growing industry pressure to develop more sustainable mining models and will serve well those looking for them.

About CryptoUniverse:

CryptoUniverse is a cloud mining company based in northern Russia. Since 2017, CryptoUniverse has been committed to providing the highest quality cloud mining services to its users.

With state-of-the-art mining hardware and over 41,000 top miners at its disposal, CryptoUniverse is able to offer its users comprehensive services at low prices and makes transparency a priority by engaging its users at every stage of the cloud. mining process.

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