MiniDOGE is now listed on CoinMarketCap
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MiniDOGE is now listed on CoinMarketCap

With such success among cryptocurrency holders, MiniDOGE has finally appeared on CoinMarketCap – the most popular cryptocurrency price tracking website.

Despite being a very young token, MiniDOGE has already reached four milestones, making it the fastest growing cryptocurrency in the world. Just look at these numbers:

  • More than 55,000 holders in just three days after the official launch;
  • Tokens worth $ 1,500,000 sold in less than 15 minutes as part of the pre-sale preparation;
  • Market cap of $ 300,000,000 in just three days;

And if that wasn’t enough, MiniDOGE hit Billboard in New York Times Square this week. Why are people so excited about this? Let’s find out!

Summary of MiniDOGE

MiniDOGE is a brand new new token developed with built-in AutoBoost – sales are automatically followed by a purchase to prevent large auctions.

The project is so well known for its initiative to improve the lives of animal shelters. A portion of each token will be distributed to animal shelters around the world.

And to successfully convey the correct message, the token has its own personalized story. MiniDOGE is a little puppy who had to work up the courage to return to his family who had lost her. After she was safe again, she began helping other animals find their family.

MiniPETS become NFT

The MiniDOGE team strives to educate people about the challenges that sheltered animals face. Thus, they launched an excellent mobile game that allows you to raise orphaned MiniPETS and find a decent home for them.

MiniPETS are in NFT form, so they can be bought, built and sold through the IOS platform. You can also get MiniDOGE tokens from your daily chores and use them to keep your pet looking its best. Give him fresh clothes, snacks, toys and show him some spectacular tricks.

The happier, healthier, and stronger your pet is, the more value it has as an NFT.

You can buy MiniDOGE in just four steps

  1. Get your own trust wallet;
  2. Receive BNB / BSC and fund your trust wallet;
  3. Use PancakeSwap to enable browser trust;
  4. Exchange your cryptocurrency for MiniDOGE.

To learn more

To stay up-to-date on the future technologies and benefits of MiniDOGE, follow the team on social media and join the movement:






Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be considered news / advice.

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