LBank Attracts Global Elite To Share Cryptocurrency Growth Dividends
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LBank Attracts Global Elite To Share Cryptocurrency Growth Dividends

As an innovative global trading platform for various cryptoassets, founded in 2015. LBank officially launched the Global Ambassadors Recruitment program at the end of June 2021. LBank provides its users with secure cryptocurrency trading, specialized derivatives and professional asset management services. It has become one of the most popular and trusted cryptocurrency trading platforms, with over 5.6 million users in over 50 countries around the world.

User focused with 24/7 support

LBank has always been user-centered and protecting their benefits has been a primary goal since its inception. It has professional 24/7 online customer service and 50 local telegram communities spanning North America, the Middle East and Europe, providing real-time multilingual solutions and updates on the latest platform and industry news.

Identifying promising projects for the benefit of users has been the constant goal of LBank. Perfect coordination between the various departments of LBank and effective decision making laid a concrete foundation for identifying promising new projects and their early inclusion in LBank to predict future trends. As a result, LBank became the first platform for launching quality projects such as ZEC, VET. In addition, LBank initially listed high quality development projects such as GTC. Also, LBank is always the first CEX to list or do special sales for some great projects like Babydoge, Mina, Dora, KINE, Nabox, etc.

Multi-country compatibility for faster global deployment

LBank is one of the first crypto exchanges and has reliable financial licenses such as NFA / MSB (USA), MSB (Canada) and AUSTRAC (Australia). LBank ranks first in the industry in terms of defi annual mining revenue.

In addition to powerful asset management services, LBank has also invested over 100 projects in the primary market with the aim of creating a comprehensive crypto ecosystem. Enjoy the Mutual Benefits of LBank’s Development Roadmap

Currently, LBank has partnered with many partners in North America, the Middle East, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia, etc. In order to further develop the global market, it is now recruiting global elites to achieve win-win growth!

LBank Global Ambassador

Global Ambassador is the representative of LBank in a particular country or region and the official representative of LBank at the local level. Only 1-2 people in each country / region will be hired as a global ambassador. The Global Ambassadors will be linked to the growth of LBank’s business and will share LBank’s revenues in their respective countries.

LBank provides sufficient marketing budget, media and operational support to build a reputation as global ambassadors in the blockchain industry. Global Ambassadors will represent LBank in local marketing, branding, event management, charity sponsorship and other industry events to fully expand the local market.

At the same time, global ambassadors will regularly attend LBank’s exclusive investment meetings with senior investment and research groups in the industry, discover and connect with local high-quality blockchain projects, and genuinely engage in early incubation and project maintenance. Meanwhile, global ambassadors are taking advantage of the region’s top priority projects and will receive lavish awards.

LBank Community Ambassador

Community Ambassadors are responsible for building the local community, growing users and managing the community, maintaining the LBank brand image in the local community, providing the latest market events, and actively providing feedback and resolving the various emergencies the community is facing. They will have independent planning and management powers for community activities.

At the same time, community ambassadors will receive referral commission rewards and bonuses for working and managing the community. In addition, community ambassadors with outstanding performance will be promoted to global LBank ambassadors and will receive more rights and rewards.

LBank Campus partners

Campus Partners are the pioneers of LBank in universities around the world and the new blood in the blockchain industry. LBank will provide sufficient budget to help campus partners host events on campus (forums, lectures, receptions, etc.) to discuss and study ecology and blockchain projects.

Campus partners will regularly write industry analyzes and commentaries to be published in leading industry media to help them increase their industry profile and earn high salaries. Campus partners with outstanding performance will be offered internship opportunities at LBank headquarters and will receive a letter of recommendation and job referrals from LBank.

LBank contact person:

LBank Ambassador Apply
[email protected]

Media contacts

Company: LBK Blockchain Ltd Co.

CEO: Wei He

Contact: [email protected]

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be considered news / advice.

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