Monero, MATIC and Binance Coin Price Analysis: July 28
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Monero, MATIC and Binance Coin Price Analysis: July 28

The market capitalization of Monero has grown, however, despite the rise in prices, the market capitalization of MATIC and Binance Coin has fallen. The XMR price showed chances of low volatility, while MATIC recorded a 47.2% weekly gain, and finally, Binance Coin could move towards a possible price breakout.


Monero, MATIC and Binance Coin Price Analysis: July 28

XMR / USD, TradingView

Monero’s price movement was halted after yesterday’s price drop, however, XMR is up 2.5% in the last 24 hours. At press time, the coin was trading at $ 230, up 23.3% over the past week. On the other hand, if the bulls gain momentum, prices may find resistance at $ 232, while on the downside, the support area is at $ 215. Market capitalization increased 3.62% overnight.

Bollinger Bands expanded and remained parallel, which meant that prices would trade with volatility but remain in a limited range throughout the upcoming trading sessions. The coin’s trading volume fell 2.20% at time of publication. Squeeze Momentum Indicator entered a squeeze that signaled a period of comparatively less volatility.


Monero, MATIC and Binance Coin Price Analysis: July 28

MATIC / USD, TradingView

Over the week, MATIC prices increased by 47.2%. On the other hand, support for the coin was at $ 0.94, and as prices rise, MATIC may face resistance at $ 1.06.

Downtrend Parabolic SAR As you can see on the 4-hour technical chart, its dotted lines are drawn above the candles, which corresponds to the period of price movement downward. Bollinger Bands remained wide and parallel, so the price movement can be expected along with the range.

Buying pressures have also received an upward push as Relative Strength Index in the photo the flow of money.

Binance Coin

Monero, MATIC and Binance Coin Price Analysis: July 28

BNB / USD, TradingView

The coin has rebounded slightly over the past seven days, despite regulatory issues. At the time of writing, the coin was available for $ 317.

The volatility aspect of BNB remained low as Squeeze Momentum Indicator the photo shows low volatility and a buy signal. Despite buy signals, BNB has not seen an increase in purchasing power in the market compared to other altcoins.

The market trend seemed to weaken as Medium directivity index was seen at around 20 which meant a breakout could occur. Parabolic SAR’s dashed lines hovered above the price level, indicating that there was a downtrend in the game.

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