Solana Hours: Validators Forex Network Restart

Solana Hours: Validators Forex Network Restart

Solana mainnet processing transactions has stopped. The popularity of blockchain stopped over 7 hours ago. Meanwhile Ethereum layer 2 solution Arbiter outage is experienced.

Power Restart Incoming

As tweeted per Solana Status, Solana mainnet started experiencing “intermittent inconsistency” several hours ago, and developers are getting to the bottom of it.

The procedure was followed two hours later, showing “faculty exhaustion” caused a denial of service on the network. According to Solana CEO, Anatoly Yakovenko, there was a hello he made “Raydium IDO Bots asks snippet tokens to launch.”

Apparently, network validates are preparing a “potential restart” if necessary, though there is some confusion about what “restart” entails.

This is behind the network experienced “Intermittent performance diarrhea” for about an hour at the beginning of this month before the event resolves quickly.

In the mean time, Arbiter is a layer 2 protocol designed to help scale the Ethereum network experienced nice time with Solana. Curiously, the arbitration company later gave the update saying that the network has been rebuilt, although many are online renouncing I’ll be back soon.

Although Solana is experiencing outages, SOL has not been affected much by the price. At least he was writing these verses for a while. Currently, SOL’s largest floor is trading around $150, after it began a record 171 daily high, according to Binance.

So far SOL has blessed its owners with an imaginary ROI of over 13,700% from the beginning of the year.


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