About bulls and bears: crypto giant Huobi Global wins
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About bulls and bears: crypto giant Huobi Global wins

Just five months ago, investors were enjoying the profits and excitement associated with the bull market, with some predicting that Bitcoin could top $100,000 or even $200,000. However, since January 2022, crypto assets have plummeted, with LUNA falling to $0.69 from last month’s high of $119.55, and the depegging of TerraUSD (UST), the world’s third-largest stablecoin by market capitalization, has led to heightened fear. and thrill in the market and provoked massive sales.

The collapse in cryptocurrency prices will undoubtedly affect the entire crypto ecosystem. However, despite this overwhelming negative attitude, Huobi Global, one of the world’s leading crypto exchanges is giving away $37 million worth of rewards per month, offering users the opportunity to make high profits even in a bear market, a refreshing change aimed at adding some positivity to a bleak situation.

Globalization has prompted Huobi to constantly innovate its business in order to provide various types of investors with a positive experience in their digital currency trading. In order to attract more participants to the crypto space so that more people can enjoy the benefits of the ecosystem, Huobi is introducing a series of exciting campaigns such as Primelist, PrimeEarn, and Candydrop. By providing earning opportunities for investors at various levels, Huobi Global aims to become a key pillar supporting global cryptocurrency trading and ecosystem expansion.


Users who have never encountered cryptocurrencies usually face two main problems: 1. How to buy coins and trade; 2. How to avoid losses? Making high profits with low risk is a scenario that many novice users fail to understand unless they rely on luck. To encourage users to interact with and understand cryptocurrencies, Huobi Global launched sweetie campaign in March of this year, allowing users to win FREE token giveaways.

After receiving the tokens transferred over the air, users can either hold them for a long time and wait for the price to rise, or go long or short at zero cost to experience derivatives trading. Enjoying buying low and selling high on the spot market is also a great option. By launching CandyDrop campaigns on a daily basis, Huobi Global not only opens the door for users to the world of cryptocurrencies, but also provides users with an alternative investment option when the US dollar experiences price volatility. This strategy works in two ways: it also increases the liquidity of the exchange and further degrades the environment of the exchange.

There are no free lunches – or are there? People may wonder what kind of pitfalls await participants in the FREE token airdrops. There are several eligibility requirements: Users can register for CandyDrop whenever their average daily spot trading volume in the three days prior to event registration exceeds $100. According to data published Huobi Global, total 1.46 million people participated in CandyDrop events in the last month, which offered a total prize pool of US$5.6 million; of these, over 286,000 participants have successfully received giveaway rewards. At the events, two individual users won a $2,090 reward. based on the highest price on the day of listing.

Experienced Traders

Experienced investors usually study or make requirements for a project they can invest in. Common questions include: what are the strengths of the project? Does the project team have a proven track record? Is the project supported by technologies that could be of global importance? What is its social base? These are all factors for an investor to consider. However, all this takes time and effort, and investors without professional knowledge can be deceived by some “package” project participants.

As the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, Huobi Global is committed to providing investors with access to many cutting-edge projects. Launched last year, Huobi Primelist is a safe and convenient way for users to invest in these projects. All listed projects are subject to rigorous review and evaluation by a highly qualified internal team before they are allowed to “live” on the exchange.

Primelist allows investors to buy new tokens at their listing price. without participating in the project’s original exchange offer.

Last month, over 390,000 users participated in the six PrimeList events, among which 89,107 users were eligible to purchase tokens at the listing price. At these events, one user won $1,700 worth of tokens. The total pool of tokens divided among the winners is 23.49 million USD. The cost of most of the projects listed in PrimeList has increased up to 20 times in record time.


Professional investors need to distribute every cent in their portfolio wisely. For example, they may invest heavily in term deposits, a moderate stake in crypto asset holdings, and a small stake in futures or options trading. However, most of the deposit products offered for major assets are flexible deposits with tiered APYs.

Taking the USDT Binance deposit plan as an example, the APY for the amount above the first 2,000 USDT is 3% and the APY for the amount above the first 75,000 USDT is only 1%, making Binance a rather unattractive option for investors who want to deposit large amounts of digital assets.

To add spice to the landscape of crypto asset deposits, Huobi Global introduced PrimeEarn, a crypto financial management product that offers high APY for fixed deposits for major assets. By participating in Huobi PrimeEarn High-Yield Tuesday activities, investors can receive up to 40% per annum for the placement of major crypto assets such as BTC, USDT and ETH for 14 days. The platform does not set limits on the amount that an individual can deposit. The 20-40% APY offered for USDT and ETH deposits is the highest on the market today.seeing PrimeEarn as an attractive proposition in today’s competitive market.

The total deposit pool accumulated by PrimeEarn over the past month (five events) is $660 million and the total interest issued is $2.5 million. Additional privileges for users who participated in group competitions reached 5 million US dollars. At the 13th PrimeEarn event, all products sold out in 52 seconds.

bottom line

The cryptocurrency industry has uniquely impacted society as we know it. The short-term price drops that are happening right now are a storm that needs to be weathered. Exchanges like Huobi Global are looking to protect users from loss by providing additional opportunities to generate wealth at a time when people may be frustrated or no longer believe in this growing new industry.

Huobi Global, launched in 2013, is one of the few cryptocurrency exchanges that ranks among the top 10 in the world for both spot trading and derivatives trading. Serving tens of millions of users in 160 countries around the world, Huobi Global offers services for spot and derivatives trading, NFTs, and more. Huobi believes that providing users with opportunities to enrich themselves and help them gain a deep understanding of the market is an effective way to help the industry recover when the external economic environment lacks stability.

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be taken as news/advice.

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