KICK.IO dives into its evolving roadmap!
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KICK.IO dives into its evolving roadmap!

The crypto world is as innovative and exciting as it is fickle and dynamic. Understanding the needs of the market and keeping up with the latest trends and changes is critical if we are to move forward and reach new heights.

KICK.IO has big plans for the coming year and one of them will definitely bring significant changes to both the platform and our users.

Dawn of cross chain bridges

Since its inception, blockchain technology has proven to be one of the most reliable ways to transfer virtual assets without the involvement of third-party players. And now this far-reaching technology goes even further. Instead of staying within a single blockchain, cross-chain bridges will help move from segregation and tribalism to blockchain interoperability.

And KICK.IO is not far behind – we are expanding beyond Cardano. We believe that the implementation of cross-chain solutions is the future. Cardano is our home and our goal is to stay Cardano focused. However, introducing KICK.IO to other blockchains will be a fundamental part of our future journey.

One of our key goals is to create a safe and inclusive environment where everyone can start projects, vote and participate in our project approval system, which will soon be updated. That is why KICK.IO will start working on different blockchains.

This will allow us to take another step towards a more unified and diverse ecosystem. It will also help to better adapt to changing needs and improve existing communication methods and transfer processes between blockchains. And chain bridges aren’t the only new thing KICK.IO will include – there’s a lot more to come in the coming year.

Website update and new verification system in Q2 2022

This quarter, we will be focusing on three highlights: UX/UI updates, a new 5-level verification system, and listing KICK tokens on a centralized exchange. The website update will help remove navigational barriers as well as reflect our new focus.

KICK.IO is currently the only platform that does not limit its users and gives everyone an equal opportunity to participate in projects regardless of their monetary contribution. A 5-tier approval system will help reinforce this further. Instead of the existing 5% reward rate, users will receive 7.5%, resulting in a 30% increase in payouts regardless of the tier they choose.

And finally, the process of listing KICK tokens on CEX will greatly improve trading, as it will allow trading of tokens right here on KICK.IO.

KICK.IO to build cross-chain bridges in the third quarter of 2022

This will be a decisive quarter for us. In addition to completing and launching our website update, KICK.IO will also introduce cross-chain support which will include ERC20, BSC and Polygon. This is an important step forward as it will help create a more cohesive ecosystem and open up new opportunities.

Another important feature we plan to introduce is swap integration. As we strive to make KICK.IO a unifying platform, introducing the ability to exchange various tokens and coins on our platform will simplify the process and save time.

2022 Q4 – platform decentralization

Aiming high and moving forward is part of KICK.IO. That is why we will move to fully decentralize our platform and implement wallet support.

Another key aspect that we will be working on this quarter will be the implementation of the voting system. This will give our users the opportunity to have a more meaningful impact on our ecosystem by voting on which new projects to include on the platform.

Cardano Light DEX rollout in Q1 2023

The final step in our current roadmap includes changes to the Cardano blockchain. With the launch of a light version of decentralized trading, people will be able to trade tokens.


KICK.IO has big plans for this year – we are passionate about technological progress that benefits everyone. Bringing KICK.IO to other blockchains will be a huge step in the right direction. So stay tuned!


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Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be taken as news/advice.

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