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Can Polygon [MATIC] Health Efforts Also Breathed Life into Altcoin

The cryptocurrency space and use cases for DLT continue to expand day by day as technology is introduced into the corporate world, entertainment as well as the food industry....
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Like Uniswap [UNI] dominates Binance and Coinbase in terms of liquidity

Uniswap’s prominence in the DEX market is well known, with the DeFi protocol operating as the second largest decentralized exchange with over $7 billion locked up. While TVL did...
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As the Anchor protocol sees a drop in APY, here’s what it needs to bounce back

The semi-dynamic rate of return, which was the solution proposed by Anchor to recover losses inherited from lack of borrowing in the protocol, seems to have backfired today. After...
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Here’s Why Decentralized Finance Will Completely Take Over The Traditional System, According To Leading Crypto Analyst

A closely watched crypto analyst sees great potential for decentralized finance (DeFi) to disrupt the traditional financial system. In a new discussion on cryptanalyst Benjamin Cowen’s YouTube channel, the...
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